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Welcome to

Humpty Dumpty's Kindergarden!

Letting Our Little One's Grow!

Our Rooms

Green Caterpillar

Caterpillar Room

Our Baby Room offers a calm, homely, fun and caring environment in which your little one can grow and thrive.

Red Ladybird

Ladybird Room

Our Toddler Room offers a calm, tranquil, creative and supportive environment in which your little one can become independent and imaginative.

Purple Butterfly

Butterfly Room

Our butterfly room allows children to engage in activities they choose focusing highly on their independence in preparation for school.

Our Approach

We feel that independence is very important for children’s development as it is a crucial life skill to develop at such a young age. The drive for independence starts from babyhood. Young babies rapidly make decisions about what they play with, what they like to eat and who they prefer to be with. Toddlers will thrive in a healthy environment where they have opportunities to do more and more for themselves. With this in mind, we strive for your child/ren to be as independent as they can be whilst they are with us.

What Parents Think

"Our little boy’s confidence has absolutely soared since he started attending Humpty Dumpty’s. He has gone from being the shy, clingy baby in the corner to the chatty, playful boy in the middle of any activity!"

- Rebecca

Latest News

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