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Food, Glorious Food!

Making Fruit Salad

Nutrition is the foundation of our vitality!

At Humpty Dumpty’s we know how important a healthy diet is for children to grow and develop. We understand that early food experiences have an important effect on adult eating patterns and may influence attitudes to eating later on In life.


Meal times are enjoyable, social occasions which provide an opportunity to encourage good communication skills and language development. Mealtimes are also when children’s natural curiosity for exploring new concepts is extended to introduce new tastes and textures.

Healthy, Nutritious Menus

Rest assured, at Humpty Dumpty’s we are committed to offering children healthy, nutritious and balanced meals and snacks which meet individual needs and requirements.  We aim to source locally where possible by supporting other local businesses.


Our menus are planned and rotated regularly and reflect cultural diversity and variation using Eat Better, Start Better Guidance and the Children’s Food Trust. 


We use meal and snack times to help promote children to develop independence through participation in the preparation of meals and snacks when appropriate, making choices, serving food and drink, and feeding themselves. 

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