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Letting Our Little One's Grow!


The Ladybird Room


For 2-3 Years

Our Toddler Room offers a calm, tranquil, creative and supportive environment in which your little one can become independent and imaginative.

Practitioners working with children within our toddler room understand that the children are becoming independent and their self-help skills are developing.


Practitioners encourage children to be independent in areas such as toileting, eating and dressing to allow the children to build up their independence and build on the child’s self-esteem as they are praised for trying and doing things for themselves.

Progress Checks

As part of the revised EYFS 2023 we conduct a 2 year old progress checks on all children within this room.


It will be in partnership with parents and can be shared with any other professional that may work with your child. The overall assessment is to look at where your child is and where they may need support.

Building Relationships

Working alongside parents/carers to do this ensures that we are building positive relationships and have a mutual understanding of their child’s learning and development.


In addition, we also have a speech and language assessment tool (Teddy talks) which children will participate in whilst in this room. This allows us to work closely with children and parents if any additional help is needed.

Our Ladybird Room Gallery

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