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Humpty Dumpty's Kindergarden!

Letting Our Little One's Grow!


The Butterfly Room


For 3 - 5 Years

Helping our oldest children become independent in their development by allowing them the freedom to take control of their own learning.

Our butterfly room also allows the children areas to engage in activities they choose focusing highly on their independence in preparation for school.

Practitioners support children by providing challenge and encouraging them to take safe risks allowing them to have a can-do attitude


Skill Building
Focused Learning

The children within the Butterfly Room are provided with activities that allow them to build on their existing skills as well as having the opportunity to take part in new experiences and explore the world around them.


All children will be actively involved in lots of fun experiences, which will provide a rich scope for learning.

An Enriching Variety Of Activities

The children make extensive use of the safe and enclosed outdoor area during all weathers to experience what nature has to offer us, as well as visiting local facilities to explore the outdoor environment on a large scale investigating what they can do.

Our Butterfly Room Gallery

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